We are extremely thankful to our generous sponsors who help us to deliver an independent wine awards with as minimal cost to our member vineyards and  consumers as possible.

Riedel Glassware (RSN New Zealand)
Riedel are the exclusive glassware provider for the event, including judging and tasting sessions. Judging will be completed using the Riedel Overture Magnum glasses, which by many are considered to be the industry standard for wine judging.
Tasting notes on the NZ Organic Wine Awards website are conducted using Veritas varietal specific glass to match each wine, of which we will recommend the perfect glass match.

Riedel also sponsor the ‘Winery of the Year’ and ‘Wine of the Show’ accolades, the recipient of which will receive a Riedel decanter trophy.


Vintec / Electrolux New Zealand
Vintec (Distributed by Electrolux NZ) craft premium wine refrigeration solutions. We are proud to work alongside Electrolux NZ to ensure all our judged wine is stored in a stable environment and judged at the optimum temperature.


We are currently seeking further strategic partnerships. Please contact us for more information.