Giesen The Fuder Clayvin Chardonnay 2014

Wine: Giesen The Fuder Clayvin Chardonnay 2014 Awarded:  Champion Chardonnay & Gold 2018 Region: Marlborough Website: Recommended glassware: To maximise the enjoyment of this wine we recommend drinking from Riedel’s Veritas Oaked Chardonnay glasses. Notes: Bold, yet elegant. The Clayvin Chardonnay was our stand-out Chardonnay for 2018, rightly earning the vintage our Champion Chardonnay […]

The Darling 2013 Chardonnay

Wine: The Darling 2013 Chardonnay Awarded: Gold  (2016) Region: Marlborough Website: Notes: Ageing perfectly, this 2015 silver medal winning wine is maturing perfectly in the bottle and has marched straight to gold for 2016. The great news is that this is only going to improve over the next few years, so take the opportunity to track […]

Sunset Valley Chardonnay Reserve 2013

Wine: Sunset Valley Chardonnay Reserve 2013 Awarded: Gold (2014) Region: Nelson Website: Notes: The first wine of our 2014 tasting sessions that called for a cork-screw which in today’s market presents both as a novelty, and a point of difference! The aroma provides citrus in the form of lime and tropical notes such as melon set against a toasty […]

The Darling 2012 Chardonnay

Wine: The Darling 2012 Chardonnay Awarded: Gold (2014) and Wine of the Show (2014) Region: Marlborough Website: Notes: 2014’s “Wine of the Show” (highest awarded wine), will not disappoint. The nose discovers beautiful buttery, nutty notes juxtaposed against a subtle citrus fruit backdrop. The taste is rich and buttery (thanks to the  malolactic fermentation) which balances perfectly against a lively ‘citric […]