Mission The New Zealand Organic Wine Award’s aren’t like other awards in New Zealand. We don’t have any paid sponsors (we accept product assistance from sponsors which helps us keep our costs low, but does not compromise our independent status) we don’t have glitzy award ceremonies, and we don’t have any entry fee’s. We don’t […]

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Our stance is simplicity. A level playing field for all, to let the wine do the talking.  Not all organic wine is good. In fact, just as with non-organic wines, in years gone by there have been some truly terrible organic wines. However we believe that organic viticulture allows a winemaker to produce a superior quality of wine […]

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We are please to announce the results of the 2015 NZ Organic Wine Awards. Many thanks to all of the vineyards who participated in this years awards, as well as judges and other volunteers who made these awards possible. To download a full press release please click here. (3mb) Please click the results below for tasting […]

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Interact with us. We love hearing from vineyards, consumers, restaurants and writers! We are active on Twitter and Facebook or use the contact below. We are more than happy to help out where we can, so get involved and join the revolution! Email: Luke@organicwineawards.co.nz  

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Our goal is to increase the market share of organic wine in New Zealand, and help consumers to easily identify, and select a quality organic wine.