Why? Judging wines on their cellaring potential has always been a goal of wine competitions, although unfortunately the outcome is just an ‘educated guess’. The Organic Wine Awards find ourselves in a rare situation in that we are small enough to run a sideline competition to judge wines of a specific vintage in order to judge them on their quality as they reach their peak. The overall goal is to help organic vineyards promote their current release wine’s cellaring potential.

 What can I enter? This is a little tricky, but here it goes. You may enter any 2013 vintage wine, in which the 2018 vintage onward will be created with organic grapes. We realise this is a little confusing,  although we decided on this criteria as we are looking to promote current vintages and their cellaring potential rather than sales of a vintage likely no longer available.

When? We are opening up entries now, and closing them on the 14th Dec. Results will be published 18th January.

Who? We are using our tried and tested team of judges, consistent with our main awards panel. Despite having no big name judges as part of our team, we (and others) feel we achieve a consistently high quality outcome, with a nod towards retail consumers preferences.

How? Entry Form