2017 Entries open now. 

Entries for the fourth annual NZ Organic Wine Awards are now open!

Now in our fourth year, and continuing a steady growth both in terms of participants as well as  consumer and media interest, the 2017 NZ Organic Wine awards begins now. It was fantastic to welcome some new wineries to the fold last year, many of whom were very successful including Greystone, our 2016-17 winery of the year.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the effect the Kaikoura earthquake had upon both Marlborough and North Canterbury vineyards and wineries. I sincerely hope that things are starting to get back on track, and offer any help that I can.

Once again in 2017 we had a look at the awards successes, and shortcomings. Our initial plan for 2017 was to seek external revenue streams from sponsors in order to fund judging expertise from NZ’s pool of proficient high profile judges. However a combination of struggling to find the right partners and consulting with a selection of our entrants we have decided to put this on hold for at least another season. This is in order to preserve our boutique, no nonsense image- and work to further build our consumer brand. So we will once again be independent and ‘sponsorless’- running entirely on the goodwill of impartial volunteers. We did however seek, and continue to seek external consultancy on improved methods of judging non-traditional categories such as ‘skin-contact’, which we noted as a short-coming in our judging framework last year. Further information on our ‘stance’ can be found here. 


To enter your organic wine for awards consideration, you will need.

  • To be certified organic by one of the four certification agencies in NZ, we define organic as producing wine using grapes from 100% certified vineyards.
  • Complete the online entry form and sustainability questionnaire
  • Send 4 bottles of each wine entered for judging to the address detailed in the entry form.

Your wine will be judged in alongside other wines of the same variety by a large and varied panel of independent judges (check out our Stance page for our position on independent judging). Wine’s are scored out of a possible 100 points, and then awarded one of the following medals accordingly.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Wine of the show

In addition to these accolades we also award the following awards.

  • NZ Organic Vineyard of the year
  • NZ Organic Wine Awards ‘Sustainable vineyard of the year’

Deadline for entries (and samples) to be received is Monday 14th April.
Medals and accolades will be announced May 8th.

Stickers will be available for purchase at our cost price to winners, or supplied in digital format (free of charge) if you prefer to order your own award stickers.

To Enter your wine please click here – Entry Form

For more information, please use the contact us page, or visit the FAQ page.