The Darling 2012 Chardonnay

Wine: The Darling 2012 Chardonnay Awarded: Gold (2014) and Wine of the Show (2014) Region: Marlborough Website: Notes: 2014’s “Wine of the Show” (highest awarded wine), will not disappoint. The nose discovers beautiful buttery, nutty notes juxtaposed against a subtle citrus fruit backdrop. The taste is rich and buttery (thanks to the  malolactic fermentation) which balances perfectly against a lively ‘citric […]

Turanga Creek Le Pur 2011 Pinot Gris

Wine: Turanga Creek Le Pur 2011 Pinot Gris Awarded: Gold (2014) Region: Auckland Notes: Wonderful sweet aroma’s of rock melon and pear. A great twist on a traditional Pinot Gris to taste, with hints of honeycomb set against a crisp citrus background, to form a complex, yet well balanced sophisticated wine. Awarded a gold medal at the 2014 NZ […]

Loveblock 2013 Organic Sauvignion Blanc

Wine: Loveblock 2013 Organic Sauvignion Blanc Awarded: Elite Gold (2014) Region: Marlborough Website: Notes: A new focus project from acclaimed winemakers Erica and Kim Crawford, has landed an Elite Gold at the inaugural NZ Organic Wine Awards, which translates roughly to ‘grab it whilst you can!’ . This Sauvignion Blanc has a wonderful purity, both in the taste, […]

The Darling Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Wine: The Darling Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Awarded: Elite Bronze (2014) Region: Marlborough Notes:  An intense, punchy, appealing aroma of tropical fruits, herbs and flora. This exceptionally well balanced wine combines flavours of early season stone-fruit, refined citrus and hints of tropical fruit. A 10% parcel which has been barrel fermented adds to the wines complexity, to create an overall […]

Giesen Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Wine: Giesen Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Awarded: Elite Silver (2014) Region: Marlborough Notes: A bold step into organic production from one of Marlborough’s well established, and prolific exporters. Restrained Grapefruit, lemongrass and cut-grass, for a well balanced, elegant wine. Perfect for 2014/15 drinking.    

Richmond Plains Blue Moon Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Wine: Richmond Plains Blue Moon Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Awarded: Elite Bronze (2014) Region: Nelson Notes: An elegant medium bodied, fantastically balanced oaked  Sauvignon Blanc. Blending traditional Sauvignon character such as lemon, gooseberry and stonefruit against the buttery oak backdrop to create a sophisticated, balanced wine, whilst retaining enough complexity to keep you curious.  Drinking well now, however stone fruit […]

Wairau River ‘Reserve’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Wine: Wairau River ‘Reserve’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Awarded: Elite Silver (2014) Region: Marlborough Notes: A stunning Sauvignon, with something to please everybody. Plenty of aroma’s and tastes to be expected from a Marlborough Sauvignon, such as grapefruit, lime and green capsicum. But also more complex aroma’s and taste, such as cut grass, fresh herbs and mineral. Drinking very […]

Woolaston Mahana 2012 Pinot Noir

Wine: Woolaston Mahana 2012 Pinot Noir Awarded: Elite Silver (2014) Region: Nelson Notes: A fantastic, full bodied, powerhouse of a Pinot Noir.  25% aged in new French oak for 18 months. Layered aroma’s of spiced plum, ripe currants and smooth oak. Presenting the palate with complex, yet well balanced flavours of dark ripe  black cherry, smooth grain to […]

Villa Maria 2013 Single Vineyard Templar Sauvignon Blanc

Wine: Villa Maria 2013 Single Vineyard Templar Sauvignon Blanc Awarded: Elite Gold (2014) Region: Marlborough Notes: It’s fantastic to see one of NZ’s wine giants making meaningful investments into organic wine making. The 2013 Templar Sauvignon provides Villa Maria with the pay-off for these efforts. A fantastic crisp Sav, which meets and exceeds all traditional Sauvignon expectations. Strong […]

Fancrest 2009 Pinot Noir

Wine: Fancrest 2009 Pinot Noir Awarded: Elite Gold (2014) Region: Waipara Valley, North Canterbury Notes: Fancrest held back a chunk of the 2009 vintage, which is now paying huge dividends. Taking an elite gold in the first ‘NZ Organic Wine Awards’ this well balanced medium bodied Pinot Noir makes a big splash. Aroma’s of subtle spice, light […]